Democrats Bash Zephyr Teachout’s ‘Outrageous’ Stance on Israel

Democrats Bash Zephyr Teachout’s ‘Outrageous’ Stance on Israel

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Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver today bashed Zephyr Teachout’s stance on Israel, calling it “unacceptable.”

2016-05-03 16:08:50

Maybe he'll get a knock on the roof?

2016-05-04 02:08:29

2016-05-05 19:21:14

I stand with the workers in the #verizonstrike! Good jobs, quality work, not high executive pay and poor

2016-05-10 12:29:13

sheldon silver is corrupt and going to jail. The fact that he opposed her speaks to her integrity

2016-05-10 14:33:49

right! A scoundrel calling out another = better reputation for the scoundrel being called out....

2016-05-10 15:12:43

lol thats so illogical especially based on your last statement.

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